Hey you, long time no see. My PC was down and so was my mood, but both are back up again.

Today stories are about 2 young women with a very low mood that happened to be at my E.R. at the same time. I do need to warn you, suicide is involved.

Bed 4 is 24 years old, pretty, well maintained, and very worried.

On her chart was mention “swallowed pills”.

She told me her boyfriend saw his ex-girlfriend today and decided to go back to her, which makes him Bed 4 ex-boyfriend, I guess.

She thought taking pills would send him the right message.

She was wide awake and asked if there is something I could do about the pills she swallowed.

The many blood pressure lowering pills got us worried.

We sedated her and inserted a nasogastric tube so we could try and absorb the pills with charcoal, but it was too late, her blood pressure was already affected.

Bed 13 was 34 years old, so was her weight in kilos, neglected, and apathetic.

On her chart today was mention “difficulty breathing”.

Anorexia nervosa, drug abuse, alcoholism, HIV, HCV, no compliance to treatment.

You see, she was a “frequent flyer”, meaning she had countless hospital admissions.

She didn’t respond to questions, she just laid there, staring at me.

The oxygen saturation level was low but she didn’t seem to make an effort to breath.

We sedated her and intubated her for mechanical ventilation.A second before they transferred her I got a glimpse of her skinny legs with gangrene wounds.

Who do you think was admitted to the intensive care unit (ICU) and was admitted to the internal medicine department?

I few days later Bed 4 was discharged from the ICU with no consequences of her suicide attempt, while Bed 13 took her last breath in the internal medicine department from what was one of the longest suicides I have witnessed.

*The ICU takes patients who benefit from the intensive care they can offer. Bed 13 was terminally ill with no chance of recovery, so the resources are allocated to someone else.